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Nylsvlei Nature Reserve

140km north of Pretoria, this reserve is a birding paradise in the summer months. The reserve is situated in sweet bushveld and its total bird list is an amazing 400+ recorded bird species: almost half of the total number of birds listed in Southern Africa. The reason for the large numbers of avifaunal diversity is due to the fact that Nylsvlei is part of the largest floodplain (vlei) in the country. During good rainy seasons (November to March) the floodplain becomes a hive of bird activity; estimates for water bird numbers during these periods are approximately 80 000.

This provides an unequalled opportunity to photograph the many water birds that frequent the reserve during the summer months. The banks amongst the "vlei" (marsh) offer great close up prospects for herons and storks, whilst overhead flying waterfowl allow all manner of flight photography.

At 3 000ha in size, the reserve also hosts the endangered Roan antelope and the rare Tsessebe. Common game species are found relatively easily on the reserve.
Walking is allowed on the reserve, which sets it apart from other reserves in this respect.


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